dimanche 4 septembre 2011

UFO on Pont-sur-Sambre?

Here the video made just after the photo of Pont sur Sambre and Avesnois Daily photo. If you have good eyes you can see something flying in the background of the photo, between the houses.

You can see a little point on the sky in the middle of the sky, there were no stars because there were many clouds and so this is no star, there were also two lightnings of the thunderstorm while the UFOs were flying. They came from the right to the left in the background of the sky and followed afterwards the line of the roofs of the houses on the left. About the middle of the houseline, they desappeared behind the houses in direction of the gardens.

One can hear the voice of my husband (it is not my voice and not his voice, I think, it is sounding wether like mine, nor like his. The noise is the motor of the car, my husband remember he said to me to drive the car in the garage, but the voice does not say that, and we can't understand what he's saying... If it is an ET voice?

With the noise of the motor of the car we hear something like a tic tac, but it was not to hear by ear.

My husband and I, we do not drink and do not smoke. Some of our neighbours left the street since july, first, old people went to a home for old people and, they were living for a long time two houses far from ours and their house is empty. The woman just at the side of our house went for two weeks on holidays, but perharps she's now at home, the other house at the other side of ours is empty, because the people wanted to live nearer to their work, but I am asking to myself if their didn't get afraid by having seen something like this.

The animals of the neighborhoods were a little nervous during half an hour after the phenomene. We could hear some dogs bell, although they are always very quiet.

There are almost no birds here since July. We can hear in the morning only a few turtle birds. All the little birds have left the country like last year. They were very numerous in the spring and until the beginning of July. Last year they went away at the beginning of July too, but we had a big storm which was breaking the glasses of the garage and cutting the top of our big christmas tree. There were also an overflooding in the garage and caves, what never appeared before. It was on the 14th of July 2010, national feast. Just before the storm my husband saw something like a white plane coming towards our kitchen window. I saw another white plane as the water was lefting our garage at the end of the storm. In the sky before, it was flying from the gardens to the houses in front of ours and disappeared suddenly in the sky.

I do not know what to think about this UFOS and the fact that there are no more birds.

On the video here, we cannot see the ufos, also in full screen we cannot see them, but I've published the same video on a UFO forum, were one car see little light points flying above the houses on the left with dark triangles between them.

Perle de Rosée

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